Cyclone Silos understand that working with silos can be a dangerous exercise.

A recent SafeWork Wrap in April has stated that every year farmers are seriously injured or killed while working on or inside silos.

The newsletter stated that this comes from three main reasons: 

  • Falls from heights
  • Being overcome by oxygen depleting fumes or dust in confined spaces
  • Getting dragged into augers

In order to address these problems the NSW government has created three short safety videos relating to silos. Cyclone Silos would advise any farmers that are considering a Cyclone Silo on their property to watch the videos below. 

If these measures are followed, installation and use of your new Cyclone silo will likely be safer.

Cyclone also recommends using the NSW Government's Self Assessment checklist before doing any work on or around your Cyclone Silo. Use the below button to get your copy.